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château de Cherveux

Medieval banquet, Medieval cuisine, B&B;, visit of a castle: Cherveux. Castle of the fThe castle is situated in the heart of the area Poitou-Charentes : 380 km from Paris, 70 km from La Rochelle, 60 km from Poitiers, 20 km from Niort.
The present castle is situated upon the site of the original fortress built by the Lusignans : no doubt about its ancient origin since it is said that the "Fairy Melusine" was its ancestor.

In the Middle Ages, the Lusignan family became powerful, allowing one of its branches to ascend to the throne of Cyprus and Jerusalem at the beginning of the 13th century.

Hugues XI de Lusignan fell out with St. Louis who seized Cherveux in 1242 and gave it to his brother Alphonse, Comte du Poitou. Hugues proved his allegiance to his lord the king by accompanying him on the crusades. He died in a battle just after arriving in Egypt in 1249.

The castle was given back to Hugues'descendants, then it passed into the hands of the Mello family, then the Craon family and finally to that of Chalon. It was then taken by the English under the reign of Edward III in 1363 and was given to William of Felton, the Senechal of Poitou. After the conquest of the province by Duguesclin, Cherveux was returned to the Chalon family whence it passed to the Tremoille line who in turn sold it in 1457 to Armaury d'Etissac, lord of Coulonges les Royaux who yielded it to Jean de Naydes who in his turn sold it to the Chenin family.

Their daughter Louise Chenin married Robert Conningham in May 1440. Of Scottish origin, captain of the bodyguard of king (extremely well in court at Louis XI) Cunningham (or Conygham according to texts' of the BNF) had the means to erect the whole of the present castle in one single effort about 1470.

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