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Island Cruises - Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

Island Cruises provide Mediterranean cruises which stop off at some of the most famous and historical locations of Europe. The Rivera’s cruise now stops at the French town of Nice, allowing passenger’s time to visit the many sights of this wonderful city which is situated in the south of France on the glamorous French Riviera.

Nice has long been a popular resort destination for tourists due to its lively and fun atmosphere, its warm weather and its ideal location on the south coast. Like so many other historic European cities, Nice consists of both an old and new part. Old Nice (known as Vieux Nice) is a labyrinth of narrow streets which have changed very little since the 18th century. Modern Nice however is the exact opposite, with large boulevards lined with palm trees; it is hardly surprising so many tourists visit this attractive town.

Whilst in Nice there is no shortage of things to do and see. The most obvious which everyone is recommended to do is take a walk along the Promenade des Anglais. This is the street which runs along the beach and not only provides great views but also has a thriving nightlife and great places to eat and drink. Another popular attraction is the Musée Matisse which is situated in the upper class neighbourhood of Nice. Here you can see the ruins of old Roman public baths, and also an amphitheatre which is now used for concerts (providing it doesn’t rain!). Also, if you’re visiting around February then be sure to watch the annual Mardi Gras festival which has been a tradition since the 13th century and will entertain people of all ages.

Having visited the many attractions of Nice you’ll want to sit down and enjoy the local cuisine. One of the most popular places to eat is the promenade on the beach, with many restaurants offering great cuisine together with a great view of the Mediterranean. Since French cuisine is so diverse there really is something for everyone’s tastes, plus with France being the world’s largest producer of wine there is no shortage of drinks.

Having spent time in Nice you will be sad to leave this warm friendly city and will soon be wishing you could come back. Perhaps however, you would rather explore more of France – with Island Cruises you can, offering stops at other French cities such as Marseilles or Toulon. If you would like more information on a Mediterranean cruise then please visit Island Cruises.

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Island Cruises are one of the UKs leading provider of relaxed, friendly and informal cruises, which leave from the UK with onboard entertainment and great cuisine. During the summer Island Cruises sail around the Med passing beautiful countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Transatlantic cruises are also available and visit some of the most famous and exotic destinations in Brazil providing you with the opportunity to see the great sights of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

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